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punch me in the face beautiful ;-*)

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Sunday, June 6th, 2004
6:58 pm - spank you foxy roxy
hayley made my eljay all pretty like and it has compelled me to update. lets see. if any of my band members are watching this program we should practice. we should all stay at kormans for a week and write and practice. i bet his family would love that. i love korman.

i have a xanga too. whats my xanga?

thank you for prettifing my xanga hayley. you rock my smock off. and get my cock off. damn that was a tight rhyme.

current mood: horny

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2:27 pm - yo bitches

this is hayley. im tryin to make davids eljay all pretty. i cant find a good background pic though. i wonder if korman has any naked pics hehe. arright peace nigguhs.

XOXO foxy roxy is a nerd

p.s. david has a big penis. 

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Monday, May 10th, 2004
12:27 am - hahahaha wonderful
well... i havent posted in a while. my life is kinda boring. well... right now im there is a really bad thunderstorm outside and i have my window all the way open. its raining really hard and im listening to some old school jazz. yes. i did just say old school jazz. between the music and the rain and thunder its very relaxing.

speaking of old school jazz. listening to ... oh shit. hold on i think rain is coming is my window.... ok. its not. anyway. where was i? oh yeah. speaking of old school jazz. listening to this this old jazz reminds me of how much i hate smooth jazz. this is what its like, to me at least. smooth jazz is for people who want to listen to real jazz to seem smart but dont have the intellect to appreciate real jazz. i really like real jazz. and i really like bluegrass. bet you didnt know that.

and on a completely unrelated topic. i want to kill kenny g. he is a bastard. i want to kill him for the horrible music he makes and on much deeper personal grounds. he knows what im talking about

i have a busy life lately. i should be booking more shows for the black caspers summer tour. but im a little lazy and people arent getting back to me as fast as they should. i really miss hayley too. and i really cant wait for another band practice. i wanna take this band seriously. and i dont know about the name. its ok i guess. i think everyone else is set on it and i dont have any better suggestions. so ill shut up.

i think thats it. i havent done any homework this weekend either. i have alot of d's. wonderful

Kenny G. must die!

current mood: peaceful

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Monday, May 3rd, 2004
6:04 pm - me bored!!
yeah... i stole this from Hayley

Layer 1:

x Name: Big Fat David
x Birth date: Feb. 3 '89
x Current Occupation: slacker
x Current Location: Glen Burnie
x Eye Color: blue
x Hair Color: red
x Height: 6'1
x Righty or Lefty: Righty
x Zodiac Sign: aquarius

Layer 2:

x Your heritage: germam and irish
x The shoes you wore today: black school shoes
x Your weaknesses: Hayley
x Your fears: the people i love dying
x Your perfect pizza: pizza johns
x Goal you'd like to achieve: have a good band. (and i didnt say the one im in isnt good so dont bitch)

Layer 3:

x Your most overused phrase on AIM: hehe
x Your thoughts first waking up: Hayley... i know that makes me sound like a pussy
x Your best physical feature: my big boobies :-)
x Your bedtime: 11 or 12
x Worst feeling: lonely

Layer 4:

x Pepsi or Coke: Coke
x McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King
x Single or group dates: i dont care
x Adidas or Nike: adidas
x Shorts or jeans: jeans
x Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
x Band-aid or leave it be: Leave it Be

Layer 5:

x Smoke: no
x Cuss: fuck yes
x Sing: in the shower: yes
x Take a shower everyday: yes
x Have a crush: nope unless hayley counts
x Do you think you've been in love: yes
x Want to go to college: yes
x Like high school: not really
x Want to get married: yes
x Believe in yourself: not really
x Get motion sickness: no
x Think you're attractive: everyone loves my hot body ^_^ just kidding
x Think you're a health freak: no
x Get along with your parents: i get along with my mom
x Play an instrument: yes

Layer 6:

x Drank alcohol: yeah
x Done a drug: nope
x Gone to the mall: yeah
x Eaten an entire box of Oreo: dont think so
x Eaten sushi: yup
x Been on stage: nope
x Gone skating: yeah
x Made homemade cookies: yup
x Gone skinny dipping: nope, not yet ;-)
x Dyed your hair: nope
x Stolen anything: yup

Layer 7:

x Played a game that required removal of clothing: yes
x Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
x Been caught "doing something": no
x Been called a tease: dont think so
x Gotten beaten up: nope
x Changed who you were to fit in: no

Layer 8:

x Age you hope to be married: umm... like twenty something, but i dont care
x Numbers and Names of Children: i dunno. but i definately want kids
x Describe your dream wedding: i dunno... as long as im in love
x How do you want to die: i dont care
x What country would you most like to visit: japan

Layer 9:

x Number of drugs taken illegally: if cigartes or beer count then them
x Number of people I could trust with my life: like five or so
x Number of CDs that I own: a whole lot
x Number of piercings: 0
x Number of tattoos: 0
x Number of times I lied: i dont really lie. unless im like joking or something
x Number of scars on my body: alot lol
x Number of things in my past that I regret: letting people walk on me

Last Cigarette: like two months ago. but i dont like to smoke
Last Alcoholic Drink: lol. i pulled a beer out of the fridge like 3 months ago and started drinkin it and i told my grandmother how drunk we were going to get. but then my stupid dad got mad. cause he is stupid
Last Car Ride: my sister drove me home from school
Last Kiss: hehe foxy foxy Hayley
Last Good Cry: like a while ago
Last Library Book checked out: picture of dorian grey
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: big fish
Last Book Read: picture of dorian grey
Last Cuss Word Uttered: fuck
Last Beverage Drank: Coke
Last Food Consumed: tortilla chips
Last Crush: Hayley
Last Phone Call: Hayley
Last TV Show Watched: simpsons
Last Time Showered: last night
Last Shoes Worn: lame school shoes
Last CD Played: fear of a black planet - public enemy
Last Item Bought: damned if i know
Last Download: some blood brothers songs
Last Annoyance: my dad
Last Disappointment: not being able to go see the scuicide machines and against all athority
Last Soda Drank: Coke
Last Thing Written: instant message
Last Key Used: car key
Last Word Spoken: cant remember
Last Sleep: spanish class
Last IM: john m.
Last Sexual Fantasy: hehe Hayley and this hot girl maggie. im so dirty
Last Weird Encounter: i almost kissed john m.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: chocolate and peanutbutter... it was very tasty
Last Time Amused: today
Last Time In Love: now
Last Time Hugged: in school
Last Time Scolded: driving my sisters friends car
Last Time Resentful: i dunno
Last Chair Sat In: chair in computer lab
Last Lipstick Used: none lol
Last Underwear Worn: i dont wear underwear ;-) just kidding. right now. blue plaid. eww these are from saturday. Hayley has seen them ;-)
Last Bra Worn: none lol
Last Shirt Worn: free nintendo shirt from my brother who works at game stop
Last Webpage Visited: here

current mood: horny

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
1:14 am - FUN FUN FUN!!!
i had alot of fun today. i got to go to the festival at Mt.Carmel on friday and saturday. it was really cool. we rode this one ride like a couple times but there werent many good ones. i was so happy because i got to hang out with hayley both days which is awesome. and there was this other really hot girl named Maggie. Hayley and i got to touch her boobies. they were nice. ^_^ i feel really happy for the first time in a while. this is probably because i got to see Hayley. and see got to see me. she got to see alot of me ;)

Yeah Buddy

current mood: naughty

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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
5:27 pm - hahaha
he probably wanted to fuck me in some back closet while you were having a jolly time at the festival - Mirah (about ben)

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Thursday, April 29th, 2004
9:39 pm - hmm...
i dont feel good. accually i feel kinda sad. my friend john is not very happy lately and its really bringin me down. i also havent seen hayley in like a week which is killin me. hmm... yeah im done bitchin goodnight you sexy beast

your chodiness out chodes all the other chodes

current mood: depressed

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8:19 pm - hmm.....
stuff happened today, nothing exceptional. i miss hayley of course but thats to be expected.

normally i would stay as far from things like this as i can but i thought this one was particularly good.

Post your first memory of me in the comments. Then post this in your journal to see what people's first memories are of you.

current mood: bored

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
10:23 pm - once in a life time
im giving everyone reading this (hayley, Ben, and possibly mirah) (the only people reading this) a once in a life time deal. if you can guess what im doing right now ill give you one whole dollar.
click here to tell me what you think im doing (you have to be using aim for this to work)



current mood: no hints for you

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Monday, April 26th, 2004
9:35 pm - isaw this in Hayleys journal and thought it was cool
XSLACKER's Word Usage
1. i (117) 26. thats (10) 51. someone (6) 76. too (4)
2. to (47) 27. hayley (10) 52. some (6) 77. hang (4)
3. and (40) 28. had (10) 53. about (6) 78. cool (4)
4. the (28) 29. love (9) 54. bored (6) 79. probably (4)
5. a (27) 30. show (9) 55. its (5) 80. guitar (4)
6. david (25) 31. go (9) 56. friends (5) 81. be (4)
7. that (23) 32. get (9) 57. two (5) 82. right (4)
8. really (23) 33. didnt (9) 58. big (5) 83. ben (4)
9. she (19) 34. know (8) 59. if (5) 84. cause (4)
10. im (19) 35. on (8) 60. fun (5) 85. look (4)
11. you (17) 36. feel (7) 61. see (5) 86. dunno (4)
12. was (17) 37. no (7) 62. still (5) 87. done (4)
13. it (17) 38. we (7) 63. one (5) 88. his (4)
14. like (17) 39. sick (7) 64. car (5) 89. did (4)
15. is (16) 40. for (7) 65. better (5) 90. well (4)
16. today (16) 41. this (7) 66. going (5) 91. got (4)
17. so (14) 42. all (7) 67. do (5) 92. now (4)
18. but (14) 43. miss (7) 68. again (4) 93. more (4)
19. of (13) 44. just (7) 69. dont (4) 94. not (4)
20. with (13) 45. out (6) 70. should (4) 95. knew (3)
21. my (12) 46. ok (6) 71. ill (4) 96. would (3)
22. up (11) 47. only (6) 72. who (4) 97. sounds (3)
23. her (11) 48. in (6) 73. play (4) 98. could (3)
24. me (11) 49. good (6) 74. first (4) 99. ten (3)
25. have (11) 50. think (6) 75. funny (4) 100. because (3)
Word Count by Hutta.

current mood: lonely

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